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We’re Getting Greener! Universal Trades Helps Habitat With Recycling On Sites

Here at Habitat, we’ve always been very conscious of being as “green” as possible. Our ReStores alone help our community divert thousands of tonnes of product that would otherwise end up in a landfill. But what about our construction sites?

Cue our friends at Universal Trades. On Monday, November 7th, Habitat began a new on-site recycling program at our de Jong Lane build, a 13 townhome complex on Plains Road East in Burlington.

It’s business as usual on site, with a large bin for any of the unusable construction waste (cardboard packaging, off-cuts of wood that are too small to reuse, awkward pieces of drywall, etc.), but it’s when the bin is taken to the sorting plant that we really see the magic happen. All of the materials from the bin are sorted and recycled accordingly, even the coloured bricks!

As it turns out, landfills will no longer accept coloured bricks. However, the dumpster company that Universal Trades has chosen is the only one who will accept them. They crush them up and re-purpose the bricks for road building material. How cool is that?

Over the next couple of months, Universal Trades will monitor the process closely and expect to have some great statistics for us to share with you about all of the waste we’re recycling!

Special thanks to Universal trades for everything they’ve done thus far to give our 13 de Jong Lane families a safe, decent and affordable place to call home for years to come.

Written by Sarah Golan