January 21, 2016 Volunteer 1 Comment

Like many nonprofit organizations, Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga runs on one very important resource – volunteers! From the build sites to the Restores, volunteers make up over 95% of the organization and contribute to the real heart of the cause. But what you’d be surprised to discover is what Habitat is giving back to those who give of their time.

Barb, a veteran volunteer with the affiliate, is definitely a “people person”. Her passion and enthusiasm for the the cause is immediately apparent to anyone she meets and her presence can really light up a room. Retired from her job in PR, she now chooses to spend her time working in the ReStore – getting out of the house to make new friends, stay active and learn new skills while giving back to her community.

After 4 years, Barb is the first to tell you that the experience of working with Habitat so far has contributed to her life in a really positive way. “I’ve done a lot of volunteer work and it’s amazing what you get back,” she says. “I’ve worked in the ReStore, on the build sites, I’ve done clerical work – whatever I can do.”

But for many like Barb, it’s not just all about giving back. The social environment and new opportunities that Habitat offers to its volunteers are a welcome benefit to the time that they spend at the store or build site.

Like all great advocates, Barb is constantly encouraging anyone she meets to sign up to volunteer, sharing her story of how she’s made meaningful friendships and learned new skills in the process. “There’s a real need and we’re trying to fill it. And we’re doing it with heart,” she explains. “I would definitely recommend this type of experience to anybody who wants to get involved.”

Are you retired and looking for a way to meet new people and learn new skills while giving back to the community. Then join Barb and Habitat by volunteering at our Milton ReStore on Brown Street or on our build site on the corner of Bronte Street South and Barton. Sign up in 30 minutes or less today by visiting habitathm.ca/volunteer/ or by calling Shannon at 905-637-4446 ext. 226.

Written by Sarah Golan